Swedish Parliament Visit

Members of the Swedish Parliament and Committee on Social Insurance.
Visit to Texas, September 6 – 10, 2017.

Members of the Swedish Parliament’s Committee on Social Insurance will visit the United States in the early autumn of 2017, arriving 6 September and leaving 10 September. The delegation will consist of 16 Members of Parliament, and two members of the secretariat will also be joining.

The Committee on Social Insurance prepares matters concerning the social insurance system and most allowances paid by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. These include sickness compensation and occupational injury insurance. The financial aspects of family policy, including parental insurance, child allowances, housing allowances and maintenance support, are part of the Committee’s responsibilities as well. The Committee also deals with pensions. Another area of responsibility is migration, which includes asylum policy, immigration by family members and labor immigration. Finally, the Committee deals with matters concerning Swedish citizenship.

The Committee prepares appropriations falling within expenditure areas
8 – Migration
10 – Financial security for the sick and disabled
11 – Financial security for the elderly and
12 – Financial security for families and children.

During the visit to the United States, the Committee members would like to gain a greater insight into various issues encompassed by the Committee’s area of responsibilities. This includes immigration law and practice, including asylum, reunion of family members and labour immigrants, provisions on expulsion etc. In connection to migration, border control might be of some interest as well.

As regards social security, it is of interest whom and what is covered, by whom and how it is financed and how it is administrated. How does it work in practice, what are the effects and consequences? The said also goes for pensions. Examples of topics are sickness allowance, parental leave, child allowance (and a note on nativity), is the pension system fee based or define-benefit based, is the pension income based or the same for all, and what is the retirement age.
It should be noted that health care and elderly care are not included in the responsibilities of the Committee on Social Insurance.

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