Jim Briggs

Jim brings to the board the insights of a former client. A series of events saw his early career, as a carpenter and then purchasing agent for an electronics firm, unravel into a string of dead-end jobs. After exhausting his supply of friends’ couches, Jim was fortunate to find shelter at the ARCH. All of 2007 and early 2008 were spent at the ARCH, where staff assisted him with Social Security, Disability, Medicare, and finally public housing, where he remains today. Despite being the source of a disability in his right knee, sports are still a big part of Jim’s life. Formerly an avid player of football, baseball, and basketball, he now enjoys them as a fan. He is also a music aficionado, especially blues and early jazz, and explores ways to integrate music into online posts, tapping into music’s potential as a medium for communication.

Jim serves on the Program Committee.