Nathan Quiring Bio

Nathan-QuiringNathan is an architect with Clayton & Little Architects, which is located blocks from the ARCH on East 8th Street. Nights and weekends find him playing piano with his band, The Lost & Nameless Orchestra, or playing organ at Central Presbyterian Church. Nathan and his wife, Kiera, live on twenty acres in northeastern Travis County with their horses and dogs.

As an architect, housing issues are close to Nathan’s heart. “At its best, architecture is an exploration of how the built environment impacts, and responds to, its context and the people that interact with it. Much effort is expended, by myself and other architects, on projects for the well-heeled. It is unconscionable to ignore those without means, and I want to help everyone obtain the most basic concept of housing: ‘a safe place to call home.’”

Nathan serves on the Housing Committee.

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