Shirelle Zachery

Shirelle joined our Board of Directors in January of 2019. Shirelle is a unique addition to our Board. She was our Director of Human Resources (HR) for five years. Although she served as our Director of HR, she found time to meet and talk with our clients and learn their stories. During her tenure the Case Management and Client Services teams helped her to understand the true meaning of “meeting them (our clients) where they are”. Her understanding had a direct impact on her becoming a more informed and passionate advocate for our clients. Currently Shirelle is the Human Resources Manager for Travis County’s Transportation and Natural Resources department. In this role, she serves a trusted HR leader and consultant to the Executive Leadership and Senior Management teams. She develops and implements programs and strategies in the areas of Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, and Performance Management that operates in a work culture grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Shirelle enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and giving her time and talents to her community. Her mantra is living with purpose on purpose. Being a member of our Board and having a direct impact on ending homeless in Austin is one of her greatest joys.