Jeff was admitted to the RCP after a below-the-knee amputation. He had been living at the ARCH shelter and going to Brackenridge for daily wound-care treatments in an effort to save his leg; however, when those efforts failed, he was referred to the Front Steps’ Recuperative Care program for recuperation as well as to give him time to adjust emotionally to the loss of his leg.  And indeed Jeff was despondent, weepy, angry, and difficult to engage.

He spent the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the nursing home, and during that time his spirits seemed to lift. He even agreed to play a shepherd in the nursing home Nativity play. He began to make friends, talk openly with his case manager, address his ongoing substance abuse issues, and participate in some groups.  When he was recuperated, he was discharged to the ARCH shelter because a wheelchair accessible apartment could not be found. He remains in case management and has recently obtained a prosthetic leg through the efforts of the RCP case manager. He is on the waiting list for a downtown loft-style apartment which is ADA compliant. He has obtained Social Security Disability Insurance, also through the efforts of the RCP case manager.

Despite the loss of his leg and the resulting depression, Jeff has risen above his adversity and is now more independent and has more resources, both social and financial, than he has had for many years. He has said he owes his life to the Recuperative Care Program.

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