William is a well-spoken and insightful man, has lived in Austin several times but moved to Austin most recently in 2008 from his hometown of New York City. Struggling with drugs and alcohol and unable to hold a job, he had been in and out of rehab and staying at the ARCH for several years when he says he grew “really sick and tired of doing the stuff I was doing.” Deeply concerned about his deteriorating health, William stopped using drugs and alcohol and enrolled (for the second time) in case management services at the ARCH. William worked with his case manager, Heather, to begin the application process for SSDI and to identify housing opportunities. When a housing opportunity became available through Caritas at Skyline Terrace, he jumped on it.

William has been living successfully at Skyline Terrace since May of 2012. He attributes much of his success to the support he receives from attending AA meetings, the support he received from Front Steps at the ARCH, his case manager at the ARCH, Heather, his current case manager at Skyline Terrace, and Caritas.

William recalls some his darkest moments while homeless, stating that “being in that environment stresses you out; I would wonder how long it would last, if I was stuck in it [homelessness] forever.” He talks about the importance of telling yourself that you can make it, and describes telling himself to “never give up, giving up is like admitting defeat.” When asked his advice for people who are currently homeless he says: “Don’t ever give up. Eventually things will work themselves out.”