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Introducing Beryl Robinson – Championing Change in Homelessness Services

By February 5, 2024No Comments

In the realm of Front Steps, Beryl Robinson, the Director of Client Services, over the course of her ongoing 2 year and 7 month career stands as a pivotal figure, spearheading initiatives that shape the organization’s coordinated community response model. Beginning as the Program Director of the SSVF Program, Beryl demonstrated a natural ability to lead with empathy and grace, and quickly caught the attention of Sheila Joseph who in October of 2022 promoted Beryl to her current role. In close collaboration with Sheila, the Executive Director, Beryl plays a crucial role in designing and assessing program effectiveness, ensuring that Front Steps aligns with its mission and complies with government regulations.


As the Director of Client Services and Programs (DCS), Beryl holds the responsibility of sustaining and strengthening the development, implementation, management, and evaluation of agency housing programs and services. Managing a team of program managers and team leads, she navigates the complex landscape of nonprofit service delivery with grace and determination.


Beryl emphasizes the importance of effective communication, team collaboration, and adaptability in her role. Establishing clear expectations, fostering innovation through diverse perspectives, and maintaining feedback mechanisms are integral components of her leadership philosophy.

“Feedback mechanisms are very important. It gives the team and board a chance to address concerns and identify areas for improvement,”

she notes, underlining the importance of continuous improvement.

Her strategies for ensuring effective client services involve adapting to new strategies and processes based on feedback, statistics, and reports to meet evolving client needs. This adaptability fosters a culture of continuous improvement, contributing to the overall success of Front Steps.

Front Steps faced financial challenges, prompting the need for strategic decisions. Beryl, alongside the Executive Director, implemented a strategic staff reduction, demonstrating a commitment to the sustainability of operations while ensuring the delivery of critical services to the Austin/Travis County community.

Through regular meetings, mission reviews, stakeholder engagement, needs assessments, and collaboration with community partners, Beryl played a key role in navigating this challenging terrain. Her strategic and collaborative approach showcases her dedication to ensuring the organization’s mission remains at the forefront of decision-making.

Beryl’s journey in the realm of homelessness services was ignited by a genuine concern for societal issues. Witnessing the widening gap between economic classes in her hometown of Baton Rouge, LA, inspired her to address homelessness and mental health as symptoms of broader societal challenges.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - WorldAtlas

Her personal encounter with a man digging through a trash bin during her college years left a lasting impact. Beryl’s compassionate response, driven by her mother’s teachings, highlights the empathy and dignity she brings to her leadership role.

As a Black woman in leadership, Beryl acknowledges the micro-aggressions that can come with the territory. However, fostering an environment where teammates can express themselves freely and have a voice without fear of judgment is a top priority for her. She emphasizes the critical role of empathy in leadership, promoting a positive and healthy workplace environment.



Juggling the roles of Director of Client Services and being a devoted wife and mother to two kids under the age of two requires meticulous planning. Beryl, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a mental health advocate, and a lover of blogging and cooking Cajun cuisines, navigates each part of her day with purpose.

Alpha Kappa Alpha | MIT Black History

Beryl emphasizes the significance of First Steps, a homeless prevention initiative designed to assist the general public in need of immediate assistance. By addressing economic hardships and the stress associated with homelessness, First Steps aims to break the cycle of homelessness and support individuals in finding stability.

Beryl actively engages in leadership council meetings and networks with local Continuums of Care (CoCs). By fostering collaboration and sharing ideas, she believes the collective goal of eradicating homelessness can be achieved.

Beryl Robinson stands as a beacon of change in the realm of homelessness services, blending compassion with strategic acumen to make a lasting impact on the lives of those Front Steps serves. In the spirit of continuous improvement and collective effort, she remains a guiding force in the journey towards a more equitable and compassionate community.