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Front Steps Hero Spotlight: Alberto Carrasco – A Compassionate Advocate for Veterans

By October 25, 2023No Comments


In our November 2023 newsletter, we’re proud to introduce you to someone who personifies dedication, compassion, and unwavering support for veterans – Alberto Carrasco. As the Healthcare Navigator for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program at Front Steps, Alberto brings with him over two decades of experience in Case Management for Veterans Services.

In his extensive career, including 4 years of service in the Marines, Alberto has faced and conquered numerous challenges, but none more daunting than the recent shift to virtual applications for veterans seeking essential services. His military service serves as a place of common ground as he himself had to traverse the VA system and fully understands just how difficult it can be. The transition to digital interfaces, while increasing accessibility for some, has posed significant obstacles for veterans who lack regular internet access or tech-savvy skills. Alberto has been relentless in his pursuit of bridging this digital gap, ensuring that every veteran can navigate the system with ease and access the support they’ve rightfully earned.

Another challenge he has observed throughout his distinguished career is the inconsistency among VA offices, which can vary significantly from county to county and region to region. Alberto’s work provides clarity amidst this uncertainty, helping veterans find their way through the bureaucratic maze to secure the services they deserve.

But perhaps the most poignant issue that Alberto underscores is that many veterans aren’t even aware of the benefits they’re entitled to. It’s a heartbreaking reality that he confronts regularly.

 “Say less and observe more- allow clients to take the lead and share their backgrounds and needs at their own pace.”

It’s a technique rooted in respect and understanding.

Furthermore, as a veteran himself, Alberto possesses a profound ability to connect with clients on a deeply personal level. He meets them where they are physically, emotionally, and mentally, ensuring that no client ever feels alone in their journey to access the support they need.

Alberto’s dedication to serving veteran clients extends to his advocacy for female veterans, an often overlooked demographic. Many of these women have experienced assault during their military service, which has left them with a deep mistrust of men, making them hesitant to seek mental health services within the VA. Alberto emphasizes the importance of understanding each client’s unique background and trauma. He knows that a one-size-fits-all approach to trauma-informed care doesn’t work.

One profound truth Alberto has discovered throughout his years of service is that most veterans want help, but they need it at their own pace. Mental health issues can be a significant barrier for many veterans, making it challenging for them to enter certain federal buildings. Alberto’s approach is all about respecting their individual needs and experiences.

In Alberto’s eyes, it’s vital to remember that veterans come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many in our community don’t see homeless veterans as equal citizens, mainly when they appear disheveled and lack the necessary support systems. Veterans often blame themselves for their situations, and each has their own unique reasons for joining the military.

Alberto’s poignant message to our community is this:

“Homeless Populations are your neighbors too. They are just as much a part of the community as you and me.”

It’s a stark reminder that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves respect, support, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Alberto Carrasco embodies the spirit of dedication, empathy, and inclusivity. His work at Front Steps is a shining example of what it means to be a hero to our veterans and a source of inspiration for us all. We are profoundly grateful for his unwavering commitment to those who have served our nation.